Since 2011 Jayde Building Construction has delivered what no competitor can - a hometown commitment with strong community support. Jayde is a small family owned business specializing in multi-family construction of townhouses, residential condominiums and low income housing apartments.


Jayde truly is a family run business, with Peter Lafreniere at the head of the family, having a wealth of experience through 35+ years in the construction industry. He has handled such projects as multi-unit condos, single family homes various commercial projects and hotels. Peter’s son, Peter Jr., and son-in-law, Bryant Caines, each work on a site while his 2 daughters, Deneen and Janine, work in the office. Peter’s son and son-in-law work as site supervisors, with his son having 18 years experience in construction and his son-in-law has 10 years experience in construction. Both site supervisors have worked on their own sites and successfully completed their own projects on schedule.

Both Janine and Deneen work in the office and have numerous years of experience in the customer relations industry as well as business management. Through their experience, they are able to manage all aspects of the project from planning and putting together the budgets, to handling all reporting during the project.

Projects may come and go, but we’re here to stay. More than a contractor, we're a community builder. Contact us to learn more.

Jayde Building Construction: 587-286-4228